Necklace with Amazonite, Granite & Silver Beads


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Necklace of 2nd century Mali Amazonite bead, with medieval Dogon granite beads and my beads and charms in Argentium silver, on a handmade fine silver chain.

This is a strong piece!

The main drop is an almost tooth-shaped Amazonite bead, carved in the 2nd century and found in Mali, Africa. The granite beads are Dogon culture,  also from that part of Africa, which was a major trade route for beads in the ancient world and continues to be a great source of art to this day.

I have combined these substantial stone pieces with two of my own granulated beads in Argentium, designed with a looping pattern that echoes the shape of the Amazonite. I have also included ring charms in many sizes and patterns which give the necklace a timeless tribal feel, all on a chain I hand-knit from fine silver wire.

Necklace is 20.5 inches long. The Amazonite drop is 45 mm long by 20 mm wide and almost 10 mm thick. My silver beads are 22 mm across, and the agate beads are 10-12 mm.