Earrings in Granulated Silver with Ruby and Pearl Beads


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Button earrings in Argentium silver with an ornate pattern of granulation and dangling beads of ruby and silver.

The design of wirework and granulation on these earrings looked more and more east Indian to me as I worked on it, reminding me of a paisley or some other textile pattern from that rich aesthetic tradition. When it came time to pick beads to make the dangles, the classic Indian jewelry combination of ruby and pearl seemed perfect.

Ruby and pearl are like fire and ice ~ one hot, red, and passionate from the earth, and one smooth, iridescent, and cool like the sea. In many cultures and traditions, the red and white symbolize the king and queen, masculine and feminine, different but complementary.

These are post earrings, finished on the back so they look good from all sides.

The domes are a bit over 1/2 inch across and about 1/8 inch thick, and the longest dangles are about 1/2 inch long. They come with comfort-fit backs so they are balanced and easy to wear.