Disc Necklace in Granulated Silver with Ancient Egyptian Amethyst Beads


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Multi-chain necklace with textured and granulated Argentium disc and ancient Egyptian amethyst beads.

A truly special necklace, created with a sweep of delicate chains holding a textured and granulated domed disc pendant, brightened by 18 amethyst beads from Middle-kingdom era Egypt.

The pendant I created for this necklace has a three-fold pattern that is both balanced and dynamic, with granulation that reminds me of clusters of grapes. That grape-like look inspired me to used these amazing rich purple amethyst beads which were carved by an ancient Egyptian artisan some 4,000 years ago.

Although amethyst is a very strong and durable stone, and it was treasured by the ancient Egyptians, not many amethyst objects have made their way to our time, and these beads are extremely rare.

Like many purple objects, amethyst was reserved for nobility, and it represented calm in the face of danger, and protection from fear and guilt. The name “amethyst” comes from the Greek “a-methustos”, meaning “not drunken”, as the stone was believed to protect against intoxication.

That a stone which looks so much like grapes would prevent intoxication seems counter-intuitive, but I see it as maintaining a balance between indulgence in pleasure and celebration with the protection of a clear head and sharp mind.

My design of delicate, interlacing chains punctuated by the organic amethyst beads, each one unique, creates that same sense of lush beauty combined with elegant refinement. From its history, meaning, and rarity to its design and beauty, this necklace is a showpiece for your collection and a lovely adornment to enjoy.

Necklace is 19 inches long, with a lobster-style spring clasp. The domed disc is 3/4 inch across and about 1/4 inch tall, with a solid back so it is substantial and hangs well. The amethyst beads are each around 1/4 inch long.