Necklace with Tibetan Carnelian, Serpentine, Silver & Gold Beads


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Necklace with Tibetan Padma Raga carnelian beads and medieval serpentine disks, accented by my beads and charms in Argentium silver and 18K gold granulation.

This colour combination is stunning, it’s one of my favourites and one you see quite a bit in ancient pieces. The bright orange beads are Tibetan carnelian, called “padma raga”, meaning “red lotus”. The red and orange shades they are found in are considered auspicious, and they are said to protect the wearer from evil spirits and sickness.

The green disk beads are serpentine from medieval trade routes through Mali, Africa, the source of so many amazing treasures. These are a vibrant shade of green, with a beautiful skin-wear patina that really complements the warm carnelian.

I have combined these stone treasures with Argentium silver and 18k gold granulated beads in a hearts and teardrops pattern that is very tactile and geometric, along with patterned silver ring charms for movement and interest. A long foxtail pattern chain and handmade S clasp make for a very wearable and elegant piece alone, or layered with any of my other bead and chain necklaces.

Necklace is 24.5 inches long. The largest central granulated bead is 19 mm across, and the two smaller beads are 16 mm. The carnelians are 13-14 mm, and the serpentine disks are 7-11 mm across and 2-4 mm thick.