Necklace with pre-Columbian and ancient Stone and Silver Beads


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Necklace with pre-Columbian sodalite cylinder beads and ancient Roman quartz beads, accented by my bead and ring charms in Argentium silver granulation.

A cool and sophisticated necklace with beautifully-shaded pre-Columbian cylinder beads of sodalite, a stone not much seen in the ancient world, along with Roman-era quartz beads and my own large granulated bead in silver, along with silver ring charms in different textures and patterns. These beads are on a medium-weight silver foxtail chain with a simple silver S hook clasp, and the whole piece is striking alone, or with any of my other bead and chain necklaces.

Necklace is 22.5 inches long. The large central granulated bead is 20 mm across. The sodalite cylinders are 23 mm long by 12 mm wide, and the quartz beads are 11 mm across.