Necklace with Lapis & Fine Silver Beads & Pendant


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Beaded necklace of 15th century Afghani lapis beads, with my beads and pendant in fine silver.

These beautiful lapis beads were prized in the Medieval Islamic world, as they represented the order and structure of the universe and its divine nature in tangible form, understandable through the sacred science of geometry. The stonecutter who made these beads did so as an expression of devotion to the Creator and an offering of technical skill as a form of worship.

The fine silver triangular beads and pod-shaped pendant I created for this necklace are textured with a subtle pattern I made based on a tile design from a mosque, another expression of math as religious practice. This necklace has a calming, otherworldy quality to it, and as with all lapis, it will change over time as it is worn and interacts with your skin.

Necklace is 16 1/4 inches long, with a silver S-clasp. The pendant is 2 1/4 inches long and 3/4 inch wide at the shoulder. The silver beads are a bit over 1/2 inch long, and the lapis beads range from 6 to 9 mm.