Necklace with Ancient Amazonite, Carnelian, and Silver & Gold Beads


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Necklace with ancient amazonite and carnelian disk beads, with my beads and charms in Argentium silver and 18k granulation.

The seafoam green of these amazonite disks is so spring-like that I was inspired to create beads that would express that happy flowering energy and movement. The rich orange carnelian disks on this piece are so old, they are worn into an interesting “donut” shape, carved by years of string wear and rubbing up against other beads.

My granulated beads on this necklace are in a complex flower pattern in silver, accented by 18k gold. The pattern is elaborate and changes as you look from different angles, which is one of the things I most enjoy about creating such kaleidoscopic and interlacing shapes.

I have included many silver ring charms in different textures for punctuation of the flow and a casual movement when the necklace is worn, and it is all on a medium-weight silver foxtail chain with a silver S hook clasp. This piece would work well with any of my other bead and chain necklaces, and it is also beautiful on its own.

Necklace is 18.5 inches long. The large central granulated bead is 17 mm across, and the two smaller ones are 13 mm. The amazonite disks are around 11 mm wide by 6 mm thick, and the carnelian donuts are about 14 mm wide by 5 mm thick.