Necklace with Amber and Silver & Gold Beads


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Necklace of antique amber beads, with my beads and ring charms in Argentium silver and 18k gold granulation, on a handmade fine silver chain.

The old amber beads on this necklace are just delicious, with a lovely warm honeyed glow and a satiny patina from decades of wear. They probably started out as regular, evenly shaped disks, but over time hanging in a curve with other beads on some now-forgotten necklace, they have been worn into a keystone shape. This gives them an organic feel and makes them easy to wear as they naturally flow in the shape of a curve as the wearer moves and they glide along their chain.

I have accented them with my own beads in a pattern I think of as a heart filled with golden honey, along with ring charms in different patterns to give interest and texture. They are all pulled together on a very refined and supple chain that I hand-knit in fine silver wire, held with a simple silver S hook clasp.

Necklace is 18.5 inches long. The largest central granulated bead is 20 mm across, and the two smaller ones are 15 mm. The amber beads range from 11 mm wide by 7 mm thick to 17 mm wide by 9 mm thick.