Earrings in Granulated Silver with Roman Glass Beads


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Hook earrings in Argentium silver with a classic granulation pattern and dangling beads of ancient Roman glass.

These earrings are an homage to the classical styles of granulation from antiquity, with my own modern twists. A simple but sparkling pattern of stacks of tiny granules surrounds the textured dome. Below, swinging with every movement, are dangles of genuine ancient Roman glass in green, blue, and yellow gem tones.

It’s easy to take glass for granted in our modern world, but to the ancients, it was cutting-edge technology for both practical and decorative uses. Two millennia ago, when these beads were created, the skill it took to make them was rare, and these beads would have been quite precious to their owner. Today, their endurance through 2000 years makes them rare and precious to us!

They hang on sturdy, comfortable hooks with a finished back so they look good from all sides.

The domes are 1/2 inch across, and the earrings are 1 1/2 inch long from the hook to the longest dangle. They come with soft rubber security stoppers you can use to make sure they stay in place.