Earrings in Granulated Silver with Ancient Amethyst Beads


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Button earrings in Argentium silver with a granulated star pattern and dangling beads of ancient Egyptian and Roman stone beads.

A simple star pattern centers these earrings, surrounded by triangular stacks of granules and a twisted rope of silver, all on a textured background. Below the disc hang drops of Egyptian amethyst and Roman quartz beads, all over 2000 years old.

Like many purple objects, amethyst was reserved for nobility, and it represented calm in the face of danger, and protection from fear and guilt. Clear quartz, related to amethyst but without the minerals that tint it, is found throughout ancient Roman sites, surviving the centuries because of its durability.

These are post earrings, finished on the back so they look good from all sides.

The domes are just under 3/4 inch across and about 1/4 inch thick, and the amethyst dangles are about 1/2 inch long. They come with comfort-fit backs so they are balanced and easy to wear.