Earrings in Granulated Silver Rising Fern Design


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Hook earrings in Argentium silver with rising fern tendril granulation design.

The rising, curling pattern of granulation on these earrings reminds me of the fern fronds that unfurl from the warming earth every spring. Symbolic of growth and new life, they reach up to the Sun in a lively dance!

I made these earrings from a disc that I textured, overlaid with wirework and granulation, surrounded by a bright hammered circle. The domed shape and layers of design give these a complex depth, even as they are also simple enough to wear with anything.

They hang on sturdy, comfortable hooks with a finished back so they look good from all sides.

The domes are 3/4 inch across, and the earrings are 1 1/4 inch long from the hook to the bottom. They come with soft rubber security stoppers you can use to make sure they stay in place.