Disc Necklace in Granulated Silver with Neolithic Serpentine Beads


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Disc necklace with Neolithic serpentine beads with my charm beads in Argentium silver, on a handmade fine silver chain.

The serpentine beads on this necklace are truly ancient, dating back to the Neolithic age around 5,000 years ago. They have been shaped by centuries of love, worn into interesting forms by the cords they were strung on and the other beads they rubbed against through the millennia. I have combined them with my ring charms, which give movement and a dynamic randomness to the piece.

The disc pendant is decorated with a cubtle background texture, and wirework and granulation in a four-fold pattern denoting strength and stability. All these elements are strung onto a fine silver Viking knit chain which I wove, a strong but flowing line connecting the past of the serpentine with the present of my work. Hand-fabricated endcaps and a silver S clasp complete the necklace.

Necklace is a bit over 20 inches long, with a silver S-clasp. The pendant is just under 1 inch across and about 1/4 inch tall, with a solid back so it is substantial and hangs well. The serpentine beads are 8-11 mm in diameter.