Disc Necklace in Granulated Silver Elemental Spiral Design


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Chain necklace with textured and granulated Argentium disc.

This is a strong, Norse-inspired necklace with a pattern I think of as the four elements in a creative spiral. Each elemental arm curls towards the next as if they are turning on a wheel, their wirework and granulation swirling over a subtly-textured background.

The disc is surrounded by a twisted rope of silver to give the piece definition and strength of shape. It’s a necklace you could wear as a statement on its own, but it also looks great with some of my Tribal Collection beaded pieces.

Necklace is 18 inches long, on an organic-looking Sterling silver loop-in-loop chain with an S-hook clasp. The domed disc is 1 inch across and about 1/4 inch tall, with a solid back so it is substantial and hangs well.